The State of Influencer Marketing in 2022 with Eric Dahan

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As a creator, one of the most important skills we can learn is to get comfortable with evolving. In the last few years, our industry has gone through some massive shifts like the introduction of short-form video, creators finding new and innovative ways to monetize, the creator economy being worth more and more billions as the years go by, and the growth of social commerce.

These are things we’re going to have to get comfortable with and eventually master as creators.
Today, we’re here with Eric Dahan, CEO of Open Influence, a platform that connects brands with some of the best creators in the industry. He’s been named a Forbes 30 under 30 and started the company when he saw that there was a real opportunity for creators to help brands reach their goals.

Today, we’re diving into the state of the creator economy. What evolutions have we seen in the last 10 years? Are platforms like TikTok and BeReal here to stay? What’s social commerce and what do we need to know about it as creators?

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