Agencies have to manage the talent along with digital KPIs. In this Ad Age article, CEO Eric Dahan explains the cost to hire influencers.

Behind the Cost for Brands to Hire Influencers — The Complex Math Explained

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“In the early days of influencer marketing, pricing was all over the map,” says Eric Dahan, CEO at influencer marketing agency Open Influence. “Brands were focusing on follower counts, and influencers were charging massive premiums to brands and, in some cases, even getting them. A big role we played was keeping influencers’ pricing in check. As an agency, we have helped standardize fair pricing for both brands and creators based on several factors.”

Open Influence, which has worked on creator-heavy campaigns for brands like Amazon Prime, Bose and Barilla, weighs several factors beyond creator follower counts and impressions, like which platform is being utilized, if they are using video or static images, and usage and exclusivity rights. Photography influencers, for example, are far more expensive than fashion influencers. And if there’s travel involved or event attendance required, that will also drive rates higher.

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