Exclusive Interview: A Coffee With Jason Nash

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When it comes to the comedy vertical, no one knows the space better than Jason Nash. With over 1.7 million followers on Vine, Nash has successfully forged a full-time career via his, now famous, six-second comedy clips. We sat down with him at Alfred’s Coffee and discussed what life in the social media limelight is like.

Vine influencer and comedian Jason Nash

1. Did You Grow Up In LA?

I grew up in Boston, moved to New York, then moved here to do TV and movies and then I just fell into vine You know, the TV business kind of really shrunk and I made a movie last year. I was trying to promote it somehow, and I just got on Vine, and Vine took off. That was the only reason I got on Vine. I got on Vine at the right time. I’m making a movie now and that’s the big part of the movie, these guys (Brandon Calvillo and I). There is oversaturation in every app and you have to get on it at the right time, so they have the plot to try and get more followers.

2. How Long Have You Been On Vine All Together Now?

It’s been about two years.

3. Has There Been Any Specific Change In Your Life Since You Became An Influencer?

Yeah, I mean like, I can pay my bills. That’s the big change. A funny story, my wife is like “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” I was like “I know it’s going to be something. Like I just know it’s got to be something if all of those people have phones and you’re able to just put something out so easily. And I’m used to people having to say no all of the time. When you work in TV, they’re like “Nope, Nope. No, we don’t want that.” And they’ll pay you, they’ll pay you for something for 6 months. And then we’re like “We’re ready to shoot,” and they’re like “No, sorry. We are going to do my friends’ project.”  That’s what’s nice about this, it’s autonomous.

4. Do You Think Being An Influencer Has Affected Your Relationships?

Connecting With Other Influencers More? For sure, it’s hard. Especially people my age, my friends, they are like, “What are you doing? Why? How does it work?” They have no concept of it. I explain it and they are like “I don’t get it.” So it’s just this whole new movement that is all young people and I’m just trying to hitch on to it for as long as I can. I work with people that are so much younger. so it’s weird. Like Brandon’s my best friend and he’s 20. It keeps you so young. I love it. I just love moving with the times and adapting. If I was dead and I missed all of this… I’m so grateful to see it all. Not even to just be an influencer, but just to be able to look up a movie and get tickets online. I used to go on auditions and I didn’t even have a cell phone.

5. Do You Feel That Now That You Have An Audience You Are Getting More Interest From On The Audition Side? Do You Feel That Has Translated Over And Helped?

It’s definitely helped with the movies. I’ve been able to sell movies and sell scripts. I don’t go on auditions, I don’t really like it. I don’t want to work for anyone. I just want to do my ideas… that’s what’s so fulfilling. It’s just so much better. And then to get paid, I’d do it for free. I’d do it for free to just have an audience and to have people like something. At first, that’s what vine was. “Hey man, I like your video.”

6. Do You Feel Like When You Are Making Vines, Everything Is Thought Out?

Or Is It In The Moment? Or A Combination? I write out stuff… ideas. Sometimes I hire writers, I have friends from the stand-up world who are really funny. Then, I try to match up with Ry or Brandon and do the ideas. Also when you are there, you come up with stuff a lot. Like some of the best ones, are just thought of at the moment. But it’s good to have ideas.

7. Who Has Been Your Favorite Person To Work With?

Brandon Calvillo. He is so funny, he is so dry, and he is really good at Vine. Some of my best vines are all Brandon. He takes care of me, some old guy. I like Manon a lot, I like Ry, Matt Cutshall is super fun, Sunny is super fun, and Josh Darnit.

8. Do You Meet These People? Or Is It An Online Friendship?

Well, first it’s like “Hey I like your videos.” Then it’s, “Do you want to get together?” People always say yes. People want to. It helps them, it helps me.

9. What Has Been Your Favorite Part About Working With InstaBrand?

You guys are just really nice. I guess my favorite part is when I do something and I finish the brand, you are excited about what I did. You are not just like great here’s the check. You guys are really supportive and let me know if the post is right. Like I just did something for Easy Cheese. I am all about positive reinforcement. It is very huge when someone appreciates what I do.

10. Do You Have Any Advice To People Entering The Space And Hoping To Get To Where You’re At?

Do what is really funny to you. Stay true to yourself. Do what you are passionate about. You’ll find an audience. I used to work as a writer, and let’s say my pay was $2200 a week. That’s pretty good. But you’re there all day, 70 hours a week, and you don’t see the sun. So if you could get a Youtube channel or a blog together and make even half that. You are winning. You are killing it.