Influencer Q&A: Stasha Becker @Northwestmommy

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This Northwest mommy chatted with us and let us delve deeper to understand her life as a mom, wife, photographer and social media influencer. We gained insight into her current life in the Pacific Northwest and about her upcoming move to Japan. Check out the lively and adventurous Stasha (aka @northwestmommy) below

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You? Until recently, I was a full-time photographer with my own studio doing mostly wedding and commercial photography. Since my husband received orders to serve in Japan, I shifted my focus more on working with InstaBrand because I cannot run a private company abroad as a military spouse.  My days are pretty much the same: I take care of my family, pets, house and work in my studio only when my son is in school. As soon as the school year, is over I spend all my days with my son, Julian, and work after he goes to bed. This summer, we are traveling around America before our big move to Japan and if there is one way to describe my day it is ‘mystery’ because we literally wing every single moment and take it as it comes. It is becoming the best summer ever.

2. What Is Life Like Living In The Pacific Northwest?

Perfect. We are surrounded by incredible beauty. Tallest trees, ocean breeze, majestic mountains and sandy beaches. The rain smells fresher then anywhere else I have ever been in the world and people are nice without trying. We have our quirks but I believe it helps us achieve the happy and healthy communities like the one on the island we live on.

3. Where Do You Derive Your Inspiration For Your Instagram Posts?

Everyday Moments. I am inspired by what is in front of me at the precise moment I am taking the photo. It’s a very organic evolution and a simple one too.

4. How Has Your Life Changed Since Becoming A Social Media Influencer?

I enjoy working on projects, the freedom the job gives me to be creative and the income it brings to support my family. It definitely brings a new aspect to my photography because highlighting a product in a way that can be absorbed into my everyday life, without looking forced, is an art form I never ventured into before. Which makes it a challenge. And I love challenges!

5. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Adventures To Do With Your Son, Dog, And Husband?

We love being outdoors. It doesn’t have to be fancy or exotic, as long as we are all together and outside. My husband is away a lot for work so I cherish the times we get to all be together the most. But my son and I have a lot of fun on our own too.

6. Are You Excited For Your Move To Japan?

Absolutely! It is going to be an adventure albeit the challenges we have faced so far and I am sure we will continue facing in the future. It was hard to say goodbye to our horse and I won’t lie, shipping the dogs has been very stressful and costly. But once we settle into our new home I cannot wait to explore Japan, meet new friends and watch Julian thrive in the new environment. It’s going to be great!

The best part is knowing that Pacific Northwest is always going to be our home and we get to return in a few years.