Why Instagram Carousels are a Game Changer for Influencer Marketing

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Instagram has been one of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing over the past few years due to its visual nature, ease of content discovery, and constant deployment of content-creator friendly features.

For example, Instagram has taken on longer form video via the addition of 1-minute video, gifs via Boomerang, bookmarking (similar to a Pinterest ‘Pin’), Story content a-la Snapchat, and now album-like storytelling via its latest feature- Carousels.

With Instagram Carousels, users can better convey their experiences via Instagram’s classic feed.  It works by allowing users to share multiple (up to 10) images or video in a single carousel for their friends and followers to swipe through.

“You no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember,” Instagram writes.  By allowing users to post more, it allows users to be more engaged with the platform by removing the fear of over posting and flooding their followers feeds.

In regards to influencer marketing, this means that influencers are now able to tell a more in-depth and descriptive story and therefore have more flexibility over where and how they integrate branded content, as opposed to being constricted to one image or video at a time.

“An area where we see huge potential for Carousels is in experiential marketing via influencers” writes our CEO, Eric Dahan. He continued, “A current drawback of experiential marketing via influencers on Instagram is that there has always been a trade-off between immersive content that is short lived (via Stories) or long-living content that is not nearly as immersive. With Carousels, we don’t have to make that trade-off anymore.”

If Instagram can get users not only engaging in carousel content but also creating it, Instagram will change how advertisers and brands measure success on the platform when it comes to influencer marketing.

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