Influencer Marketing: Beyond the Dashboard

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Influencer marketing dashboards aren’t very dynamic.

Most, at best, provide advertisers with a recap of the influencers’ posts only after they’re published.  But successful an influencer marketing strategy takes more than just a slick dashboard.

At Open Influence, we understand the importance of keeping our clients involved in the process.  This is why we are rolling out a new dashboard with features designed to power collaboration and enable quality control, giving them transparency and control over their branding through influencer partnerships.

These features include:

Influencer selection:

We’re giving you more control when it comes to selecting influencers. Until now we’ve selected influencers based on your criteria, and with great success. However, with our update dashboard, you can choose from a list of possible influencers, and prioritize your favorites before we move forward with the campaign.

Content Approval:

We’re putting the power of quality control back into your hands and turning influencer campaigns into a creative collaboration between you — the brand — and social influencers. Now you can work across multiple teams to provide feedback, make comments, and have final approval of all content before t it goes live.

Improved Reporting:

Our updated reporting provides powerful analytics with actionable data including social metrics by platform and performance; great for A/B testing and campaign optimization on the fly. You’ll also get a breakdown of results against guaranteed deliverables, so you can see exactly how well your campaign did compare to the expectation.

With these tools, we are able to augment the value we get from utilizing big data, by putting the human element back into influencer marketing. We’re trusting the wisdom of what we’ve learned as a leader in the influencer marketing space: Campaigns yield the best performance and engagement when the content is authentic and the brand story is well integrated.