Focus On Value, Not Just Reach

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When most people think about Influencer Marketing, big names like Kim Kardashian or online stars like Chiara Ferragni, immediately come to mind; celebrities with enormous social media fan bases partnering with brands that want to access their +million followers.

Realistically, most brands cannot afford to pay these big names. At least not on a regular basis. Does that mean you shouldn’t consider Influencer Marketing strategies for your marketing mix?

We think not. Influencer Marketing is not just about scale.

Influencer Marketing pioneers have refined the industry with core technology, making it increasingly easier to identify content creators with highly engaged audiences, across various topic categories (Read a related article HERE). Influencers have been identified by many as the kings of content. They adapt to platforms as they evolve and use their talent to tell their stories in innovative ways. The result: Authentic content users crave for!

It’s time to think Micro, not just Macro.

Snapchat recently stated “There is an undeniable, powerful bond between close friends. We trust their advice more than almost anyone, and in turn, they inspire many of the choices we make,” in a recent study. This personal connection that micro-influencers have with their audiences, makes them very powerful.

“It is easy to mistake a wide audience with a relevant audience, “ said Felix LaHaye co-founder of Open Influence. “It is often essential, for successful marketing, to trade a larger audience for more pertinent content with higher engagement.”

If you think about it, even if you don’t always have huge scale, these efforts will have an optimal ROI. Compared to ad blocking and poor ad targeting, this is heaven.