Influencer Marketing = Holiday Success

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Let’s be honest. When we think about the holidays we think about SHOPPING!

Even if it seems a little early to talk about the holidays, it is not. People start their shopping EARLY, so it’s time to start working on your holiday marketing.

PWC released a 2017 Holiday Outlook and there’s one main takeaway:

Influencer Marketing = Holiday Success!

Here are some numbers and figures to show you why.

1. Consumers will spend 6% more this holiday. Here are the top categories. With influencer marketing you can mix it up; many Influencers cross over into different verticals.

2. Today’s omnichannel environment is a community of commerce. Influencers are the kings of online media.

3. Social networks dominate peer influence: Consumers are always seeking confirmation that their trust in a brand is well-placed.

4. Consumers find visual inspiration on social media. Influencers are visual content creators!

In their words…

“Goodbye advertising, hello influencers.
For consumers under age 35, who’ve always had easy access to peer reviews online, brand loyalty matters less than it does to older consumers. They trust friends and family the most – and have little use for traditional advertising as a source of product information They are looking for traditional advertising as a source of product information. They are looking for real insights about products: they have no patience for stories that don’t speak directly to them.”