[Beauty Confidential] TikTok Shop- The Big Push

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TikTok Shop has seen strong beauty sales since it launched. BW Confidential explores how brands can harness this new channel and how the platform is set to evolve for commerce.

What makes TikTok tick with its users?

TikTok Shop trailblazes a more interactive way of shopping. The interest in beauty on the platform is also tremendous, making TikTok the go-to platform for inspiration and information on the topic. But it is the video format that captivates audiences in a way that is distinct from other marketing or sales channels, comments Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer, Productsup. *More than half of TikTok users use the platform to research brands or products, and two out of three TikTok users are likely to buy something while on the platform,” says Hollerbach.

“A 15-second recap of what /beauty) steps to follow is much easier to digest than a three-minute read in a blog,” explains Rob Canales, Chief Creative Officer of The 3rd Eye, a Miami-based full-service agency for the health and wellness industry.

Annabelle Shea, Associate Director, Client Success at creator marketing agency Open Influence adds: “The path to purchase on TikTok Shop is an infinite loop-—initial content drives interest, drives purchase, opportunity for affiliate for shoppers leads to more content and so on.”

For both brands and users, the selling and buying experience is seamless.

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