The Power Middle: Meet @yvngswag

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Yvng Swag is an 18-year old dancer and recording artist from Maryland. Yvng Swag first took his dancing to social media platforms in 2014 and has since developed a large, engaged fan base across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and the now-defunct Vine. Learn more about how his career got started.

Do you remember your first social media post? Tell us how you got started.

Yes, my first video was to a popular challenge on Vine, getting a lot of recognition called #hitthatelbowchallenge. I posted it using hashtags and tagging other artist and kept going from there.

When did you realize you could make a career out of your success online?

When I started to make money by creating 6-15 second videos to help artists promote their music! Then came along bookings! My very first was in Boston at a sweet 16.

Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… You’ve done it all. What’s your favorite platform? Why?

Ima go with Instagram! It’s fun and funny post you can explore and I have fun going live.

What was it like when your video “Big Green Tractor Remix” became viral? Why do you think that happened?

I knew it would go viral before I recorded the video because nobody black was dancing to country music and “Big Green Tractor” is such a stereotype. It’s the only country song black ppl know lol… So I figured I’d do that and add a hip-hop beat to it (after the original went viral). Very rare you see black ppl turning up to country music the way I did.

What do you think makes successful branded content?

Smart decisions, thinking and structuring a plan on how you gonna release and do things as far as coming up with content and putting it out.

“Working with Open Influence is fun. It is very cool to think a while back  I was struggling to buy some of the latest brands and now I’m being able to work with them personally and getting clothes and shoes to market. It is a dream come true. My goal one day is to get an endorsement deal with a major brand that I love and support!”

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