Brand Innovators' Panel 2022

The Future of Brand & Content Marketing

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The Media Buying & Marketing Innovation Summit in Los Angeles was a 3-day event that brought together the Brand Innovators community.

Thought leaders from various industries shared insights and valuable perspectives. Day one started at the Los Angeles Football Club, day two was held at the innovative Headspace office in Santa Monica, and day three concluded at Stage 26 on the Studio Lot at NBCUniversal.

Open Influence’s CEO Eric Dahan moderated a session on the Future of Brand & Content Marketing.

It’s always fun to connect with like-minded individuals at industry events! I had a blast moderating a Brand Innovator’s panel. Great insights were shared by specialists in various industries,” Dahan said.

Speakers included:

  • Allison Mac, Vice President of Brand Marketing, TrueCar
  • Zoé Zeigler, VP, Integrated Brand Marketing Lead, Square
  • Evan Weiner Director, Brand Social, GoDaddy
  • Tricia Teschke, Vice President, Marketing, Centr


  • Companies realize the importance of brand and content marketing and how to leverage that.
  • All content marketing is brand marketing, and it can be hard to differentiate it because every piece of content reflects your brand.
  • To communicate well, listen first. Use social listening to understand what your consumers want.
  • In today’s landscape, creators are essential to brands.

“I think the big takeaway is that we weren’t talking to panel of fashion brands that sort of understood the more qualitative and less direct value you get from brand marketing. We were talking to the tech companies that are direct marketers. So for them to be touting the importance of brand marketing and incorporating creators I think is a really great signal for the industry and the space as a whole,” Dahan stated.

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