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Ad Week’s Social Media Week 2022 gathered top industry experts in New York City to share insights around, you guessed it, social media and creator marketing.

Couldn’t make it? Here is a recap of the three days. 


Social Media Week 2022Collaborating with creators is as crucial as ever. 

Brands are increasingly embracing creators as an important distribution channel and pathway for more authentic storytelling. Day one of Social Media Week looked at how social platforms are driven by culturally-relevant creators, making collaboration impossible to ignore for brands of all shapes and sizes. As creators become media platforms in their own right, the best practices are evolving, and marketers must collaborate to effectively leverage this important trend. (Source: Ad Week)

Workshop: Always On Influence: Making Informed Creator Marketing Decisions

Social media advancements allow marketers to unlock the value of a full-funnel approach and meet consumers where they are in that customer journey. As a result of this and the power of creator-driven content, brands are increasingly shifting budgets to integrations, media spending, and influencer partnerships on social.

Two of our team members, Diana Perlov and Katie Wilder, led a workshop around making informed creator marketing agency decisions in an ever-changing landscape. This session covered key areas that help brands level up their marketing programs, from clearly defining goals and KPIs to sourcing high-performing digital creators and leveraging paid social to power social commerce.

Social Media Week 2022 Takeaways

If there are three takeaways you should remember from their workshop, it’s these:

  • There is no all-purpose, one-size-fits-all creator strategy. Maximize your investment with campaigns tailored to your needs 
  • Consider brand goals, customer journey, and mechanics in order to make informed creator marketing decisions
  • Leverage paid social and social commerce capabilities to power lower-funnel KPIs

Check out the entire session here.


While definitions of the metaverse may vary, it’s clear the merging of the real and virtual worlds is unlocking big opportunities for brands to build and engage audiences in more immersive ways. Navigating new terrain is never easy; fortunately, modern marketers are built for change, and those that embrace the opportunity stand to benefit most. (Source: Ad Week)

Day 2 of Social Media Week took a closer look at the blurred lines between the virtual world and reality. Marketers provided guidance on how to emerge in spaces like VR, AR, livestreaming, and experiential commerce. 

Combining physical and digital is something Open Influence has found success in. For more on what we call phyigital, take a look at our social commerce trend report: The Social Commerce Revolution: Weaving Commerce into Community Building.  


Social Media Week Recap

Web2 gave rise to social media platforms and UGC, making every internet user into a creator. As we enter the Web3 era of the internet, marketers face a more decentralized world in which creators can create wealth together with their communities: the ownership economy. With balances and incentives shifting, marketers have an opportunity to reset the way they approach ownership-minded consumers and creators–in addition to changing attitudes toward data privacy and online identity. (Source: Ad Week)

Creator marketing won’t stop when Web2 does. Web3 is welcoming content creators in with open arms. Virtual influencers have already gotten a headstart. Check this out: 10 VIRTUAL INFLUENCERS TO FOLLOW & 5 REASONS TO WORK WITH THEM

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