Riding the Bullet Train to a 24th Interactive Key Award Nomination

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A campaign for Sony Pictures Italia that Open Influence coordinated with the TikTok Creators Solution team, backing the release of feature film Bullet Train last summer, was nominated in the influencer marketing category for the upcoming 24th Interactive Key Award.

Sony Pictures Italia sought to raise awareness for Bullet Train, which marked the on-screen return of Brad Pitt and the latest effort from Deadpool 2 director David Leitch.

The in-feed ad campaign kicked off on TikTok in early June 2022, with the release of the film’s trailer, and ran through the theatrical debut of Bullet Train in late August.

A pool of more than 15 creators interacted with a clip from Bullet Train featuring stars Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, delivering a diverse range of native TikTok content, posted to their accounts and boosted using the platform’s Spark Ads option. Fare included acting, comedy, and reviews of the trailer from movie buffs.

@boomfiction Brad Pitt mi ha sempre colpita… quindi deve fare più attenzione, diamine!! 😀 Bullet Train esce nelle sale il 25 agosto, ci vediamo al cinema. #B#BottleChallengeB#BulletTrainC#CinemaTok ♬ Stayin Alive (Bullet Train) – Avu-chan (Queen Bee)

The effort marked the largest creator campaign activation for a single movie title ever implemented by a film distributor in Italy.

The campaign totaled 59.7 million impressions, with 8.8 million of them driven specifically by creators’ Spark Ads.

Sony Pictures Italia said then when it compared the results from these creator ads and its brand ads, CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) for the creator ads were 28% below those for the brand ads, while cost per video view was 66% lower, click-through rates were 26% higher, and, most impressive, engagement rate was a whopping 211% higher.

Winners of the 24th Interactive Key Award will be announced April 18.

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