Our Thoughts On Instagram’s Upcoming Self-Regram Feature

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According to TechCrunch, Instagram is currently unrolling a Self-Regram feature which allows users to post a single image across multiple accounts simultaneously, an ability that – as we will explore – both simplifies and complicates the influencer marketing space. What are some implications of this upcoming change?

First and most obvious is the convenience factor that influencers and brands will soon enjoy when developing campaigns that span across several profiles. In 2019, it is not at all unusual for Insta users to own multiple handles that emphasize different aspects of their lives, whether it’s the additional profile for your pet labradoodle (who always ends up with more followers), or a page dedicated to nothing but #foodporn. For brands that regularly work with influencers with multiple accounts, coordinating posts has never been easier.

And while this change is largely minor to Insta’s overall UX, marketers should never underestimate the power of reducing friction with clients (Silicon Valley invests heavily in streamlining their apps for a reason). Creators who might otherwise shy away from campaigns involving several accounts may indeed find themselves swayed by this newfound ease, free from the hassle infinite logging in/out.

But the new Self-Regram feature is not without its fair share of risk. After all, Instagram is inherently an aesthetic experience, and as with all things creative, convenience can be a double edged sword. A fan who suddenly notices the same image across multiple accounts may find the experience offputting, especially on a platform built on perceived authenticity and immediacy. Insta has long prided itself as a space for novel experiences, a stark difference to other platforms including parent company Facebook, where stale and recycled content are often the norm. Indeed, Twitter banned a similar feature in early 2018 in an attempt to prevent artificial or otherwise malicious meddling with free and open discourse.

If change is the only constant in life, this is especially true for big tech. Each development brings a host of opportunities for brands and influencers alike (just look at the boom vertical video has seen), but as always, it is imperative to consider the wider context in every situation. As the new Self-Regram feature rolls out across 2019, be sure to consider all angles before going-wide with your next campaign.

Now go blast that dog-selfie to all your accounts!

Open Influence Creative Director, Blake Chase, with the office love bug, Tux