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TikTok has been hard at work creating new tools and features to best serve its users. Keeping up with new updates as a brand or brand marketer will help you utilize the app to its full potential and navigate it in an informed way.

TikTok Releases Free Keyword Insights Tool 

Knowledge is power, and TikTok gave agencies, brands, creators and marketers on its platform more power with this week’s addition of a Keyword Insights tool to TikTok Creative Center

Users can choose a market and view the 500 most-used terms in ads on TikTok over the past seven, 30, or 120 days, along with the number of times each term was used, the change in its popularity over the specified period and the click-through rates for ads containing those terms. 

As illustrated by the screenshot below, U.S. TikTok users seem to have had, “If it’s free, it’s me,” on the brain for the past seven days, as “for free,” “free shipping,” and “free” took three of the top five spots. 

Searches can be further refined by industry, objective and keyword type (selling points, pain points, products, target audience, calls to action, and other). 

Clicking on the “Details” button to the right of each keyword surfaces a list of uses of the term, sorted by CTR, along with details such as the most common way the term was used (voiceover, text overlay, or ad text), and examples of videos containing the term. 

TikTok’s new Keyword Insights tool packs a lot of punch, particularly for a free offering, but marketers can drill down much further into the platform’s data through third-party systems such as Open Influence’s Go Prism creator listening platform, which lets users search its database of over 1.5 million creators and counting by criteria including creator name, location, platforms they are active on, engagement, impressions and much, much more, or search creators’ content by keyword or hashtag in order to zero in on the best choices for their marketing efforts.  

TikTok said in a statement, “Sometimes the biggest obstacle to making meaningful creative is finding the right words to use. Our new Keyword Insights tool helps you discover the top keywords that resonate with your audience and industry. Browse keywords that have appeared in real, successful ad campaigns. Then watch the ads themselves for ideas about how to incorporate those keywords into your script, ad text, and overlays.”

TikTok’s next new feature will bring educational and accurate information to users.

TikTok Set to Roll Out STEM Feed 

Science, technology, education, math … TikTok? Absolutely.

Saying that there have been more than 110 billion views of STEM-related hashtags on its platform to date, TikTok will add a STEM feed, starting in the U.S. later in March.

The STEM feed will join other Topic feeds on TikTok, such as Fashion, Food, Gaming, and Sports, and it will be accessible alongside the Following and For You feeds in the app when it launches.

Can brands tap into the appetite for this sort of educational content on TikTok? They already have: Companies as diverse as Eggo, Mars, and TIAA have teamed up with Abigail Harrison, co-founder of nonprofit STEM advocacy organization The Mars Generation, on campaigns in recent years, for example.

TikTok revealed plans to ensure the integrity of content on its new STEM feed by extending its existing partnerships with Common Sense Networks and Poynter.

Common Sense will help TikTok determine whether content is appropriate for the feed, while Poynter will assist in verifying the reliability of the information contained within. Content that does not pass muster with both organizations will not appear in the STEM feed. 

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