[MediaPost] Navigating Marketing’s Cultural Mosaic

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Growing up in a household where the aroma of Chinese cuisine mingled with the sounds of Chinglish (a very interesting blend of Chinese and English, I might add), I learned early on about the value of embracing diverse backgrounds. Our family gatherings were a melting pot of traditions. There were the Chinese, the Jamaicans (a story for another time), and the second-generation Americans, where stories of ancestral roots intertwined with modern American experiences. Little did I know these memories would lay the foundation for my approach to marketing.

While marketers know all too well there is no one-size-fits-all approach, let’s explore the nuanced considerations essential for crafting influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with people universally.

Representation and diversity in casting make a difference. Each individual brings their own experiences, values, and beliefs to the table, making creator selection a game changer for any influencer campaign. Brands looking to build meaningful connections should cast a well-rounded group of creators representative of different walks of life to engage with niche audiences that share those same perspectives.

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