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Latest Social Media News – November 2022

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As we enter November, people are starting to decorate and gear up for the holidays and winter breaks. November is known in the U.S. for one important holiday, you guessed it, Thanksgiving. However, there are several days to celebrate before then. 

November is National Native American Heritage Month. It’s also a time to honor and appreciate service members. November is Veterans and Military Family Month, and Veterans Day (also known as Remembrance Day) is November 11th. Here are more national days as well as world days to celebrate.

Add these dates to your calendar for your content strategy this month:

November Social Media Holidays You Need To Know About 

1 – National Author’s Day 

4 – National Candy Day 

13 – World Kindness Day 

21 – World Hello Day 

24 – ​​Thanksgiving Day 

25 – Black Friday 

25 – National Day of Listening 

26 – Small Business Saturday (The last Saturday of November) 

28 – Cyber Monday 

30 – Computer Security Day 


3 Brands That Stay On Trend

October was a month full of fun and creative ideas with our clients. Here are some of our favorite creator videos that did more than just entertain. One comment explains it perfectly, “I love how creative you are! This is so cool, plus you make ads something enjoyable.” 

20th Century Studios


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Michelob ULTRA


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Platform Updates

Staying up to date with all the latest platform updates is essential when planning your content strategies. Here are all the most significant announcements you should have on your radar:

This month, YouTube’s been busy rolling out a lot of new design features. Here’s a recap of some major platform changes.


@username Handles

You don’t need a certain number of followers to claim a handle. Much like on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, handles make discoverability easier for users. Also, usernames will help YouTube creators interact across YouTube Shorts, in video description boxes, and in comments.

Zoom In Feature

Ever want to get a closer picture of a YouTube video? Well, now you can with the new zoom feature. You just pitch the screen to zoom in on any part of the video. 

Precise Seeking Feature

As YouTube explains:

“Have you ever followed along to a tutorial on your phone, but needed to keep rewinding so you could master that one small step? Precise seeking helps solve this problem. Whether you’re on desktop or your mobile device, simply drag or swipe up while seeking to display a row of thumbnails in the video player and you’ll be able to make fine-tuned adjustments to get to the exact part in each video.”

Ambient Mode & More

As you can see ever so slightly in the image below, the new Ambient Mode helps adapt the colors on the screen and focuses on the main contact by shifting the background.

They didn’t just stop there. YouTube went on to announce another mode. 

“We heard your feedback and are excited to share that dark theme has been updated to be even darker, so the colors truly pop on your screen. This will roll out on web, mobile and Smart TVs.”

Links Upgrade to Buttons 

Links in video description boxes are changing to buttons. You’ll also notice a new format on the like, share, and download buttons. YouTube said these frequent actions were getting a new design to minimize distractions. Additionally, the subscription button is getting a complete makeover. 

You’ll notice a difference in its shape and color…it’s no longer red. Its pushable design will make it more accessible to viewers who are watching and haven’t subscribed yet. 



URL, Person, or Page Link Stickers

LinkedIn is also adding more pushable options to their platform. In an effort to improve in-app engagement, LinkedIn rolled out stickers. These clickable boxes drive users to where you want them to go: a website, a profile, or a company’s page.

Now let’s move on to Instagram, a platform that has been quieter this month after pushback from users.



Profile Song

Throwback to MySpace, Instagram is testing a new feature allowing users to add a song to their profile. This would be huge to the music industry, but there is no word from Instagram yet on whether this song will automatically play when users visit the profile page or if it will continue to roll out to more people. 

Post Scheduling

Instagram is testing the ability to schedule content, but this feature is also only currently available to a percentage of their global community.

In advanced settings, @WFBrother shows us what this in-app scheduling would look like.

Stay tuned for more features available for everyone. Next, let’s turn to TikTok.


TikTok Live

Live streaming is increasingly becoming more popular and gaining monetization value with ecommerce trends. This growing popularity means both more features as well as restrictions.


Now on TikTok LIVE, you can have up to 5 guests at once on the screen in either grid or panel layout view. 

@tiktoklive_creator Go LIVE together via Multi-guest | Enjoy going LIVE with 5 guests; try it and#golivenow #multiguest ♬ original sound – TikTok LIVE Creator

Increased Age Requirement

TikTok is extending the age requirement in a few different areas:

  • Lives
  • Direct Messaging
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Monetization Features

TikTok states:

“Currently, people must be aged 16 or over to host a LIVE. From November 23rd, the minimum age will increase from 16 to 18. As we consider the breadth of our global audience, we already take a graduated approach to the features that our community can access based on their age; younger teens need to be aged 16 or older to access Direct Messaging and 18 or older to send virtual gifts or access monetization features.”

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