Influencer Q&A: Lindsey Bonnice @Livesweetphotography

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This week, we got to know a little more about the blogger, Lindsey Bonnice. Lindsey incorporates her love for her children, animals, and the outdoors on her blog and Instagram. Check her out at @livesweetphotography.

Influencer, Lindsey Bonnice, spending time with her family in her hometown in Pennsylvania.

1. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself, What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You?

Hi, I am Lindsey Bonnice and love my babies, animals and lots of sweets! I spend the morning with my kids and then work in my office for part of the day designing, photographing and working on other aspects of my business. We love to spend afternoons out in the barnyard with all of our critters or down by the lake playing in the sand! I am a night owl so I do lots of my emailing and other computer work after everyone else is in bed!

2. What’s Your Favorite Part About Living In Pennsylvania? 

I love living out in the country! We have lots of lands to explore and get to enjoy all four seasons with their different fun activities! We spend a lot of time playing outside and exploring and hiking all over!

3. Do You Have Any Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Shot? 

I always use natural light and usually shoot on a white or pale pastel surface to keep in my style when shooting product. Color is a huge part of my brand and shooting in my color scheme is so important. Branding is everything when you are working on photography for your Instagram account. It’s so good to learn your style and then stick to it so that people will recognize you!

4. Where Do You Derive Inspiration?

I get inspiration from all around me but beautiful pastels and candy always make me want to snap pictures! I also love photographing my children and our animals. Especially animals wearing funny hats, scarfs and such, it makes me so happy to see how adorable they look and how much joy it brings others!

5. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow?

I love so many, Instagram is such an awesome community and so full of inspiration!  A few of my favorites are