Influencer Marketing: What’s In It For My Business?

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Eric Dahan, CEO of Open Influence, was a guest on The Entrepreneurial You Podcast. This podcast, hosted by Heneka Watkis Porter, is aimed towards the podcast’s community of “Peak Performers,” who are driven entrepreneurs and leaders that seek inspirational and motivational conversations.

Eric talked about social media influencers, the value they bring to businesses, and the concept of influence online.

“I think it’s really important to note that popularity is not influence. Having a lot of followers does not mean you have any influence it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but when you look at influence, you have to look at it in a relative lens. So, what are you influential in? What kind of topic do you know? One of my favorite examples, I would trust my hairstylist for advice on hairstyles and trends. I won’t necessarily trust my lawyer to give me that same advice but I will trust my lawyers to give me advice on legal matters.  It works in a very sort of similar way. Trust is really relative and trust is what drives influence,” said Eric.

Listen to the full episode here.