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How You Can Help Travelers Decide Their Next Trip

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Travel ad spending plummeted by a shocking 60% in 2020. Can you believe it’s been about two years since the pandemic first began?

Months of staying at home mean people are itching to travel. Global International tourist arrivals are expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. 

A Pinterest influencer marketing firm found that the total travel searches on its platform are up 19% in 2021 versus pre-pandemic levels in 2019, but queries for specific destinations are down 14% over the same period.

In other words, people want to travel again but don’t have a particular destination in mind.

Since most people are traveling domestically, Pinterest looked at the top searched areas in the United States. Here are the results:

Since most people are traveling domestically, Pinterest looked at the top searched areas in the United States. Here are the results:

There is still time to convince travelers where to go. Pinterest advises to do these three things:

01 – Get them dreaming

People come to Pinterest for inspiration and fresh ideas. They want to see what’s out there—and you can show them. Make sure you’re present when people are making travel decisions such as where to go, and which travel brands to use.

02 – Think about trends

Use the Pinterest trends tool to learn more about what’s popular on Pinterest, and make sure you’re creating content about relevant topics.

03 – Provide practical tips

Once people book a trip, follow up with tips for safety, activities and more. Create handy guides for different kinds of destinations or help people make the perfect packing list.

We want to add one more suggestion: partner with travel influencers. 

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