Drive real results through personalized advertising AKA Influencer Marketing

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Personalized content is improving ad relevance, according to Adobe Digital Insights’ (ADI) “State of Digital Advertising” most recent report.

In light of this, it’s no wonder why Influencer Marketing has experienced an explosive growth in recent years and it’s expected to become a $5 to $10 billion industry by 2020. For marketers, it is the perfect solution to cut through the noise and deliver relevant and personalized content to fragmented audiences.  

Here are some key highlights that show the need for personalization to meet the desired ROI:

  • By January 2018, smartphone visits are up 21% in the U.S. across all verticals, compared to January 2016. Mobile is also where ads are getting more relevant, according to the report.



  • The study found out that half of Generation Z (50%) and 42% of Millennials identify social media as the most relevant channel. They also feel that ad quality has improved.



  • More than half of respondents think online ads are easy to ignore. Even relevant content has a hard time breaking through to consumers’ attention.
  • People who used ad blockers do not have a significantly different perception of ad relevance.


Now, let us help you connect the dots.

As smartphone penetration continues to grow, users’ expectation of receiving personalized content will continue to increase. As simple as it might sound: This personal device is expected to meet personal preferences.

How can marketers adapt to this new mobile reality?


By following these Influencer Marketing Golden Rules:

  • Introduce your brand to the right people

The ultimate success of an influencer marketing campaign is picking the perfect match between the brand and the influencer. When the values of the brand and the influencer match, chances are the influencers’ audience will be receptive to the brand’s message.  



  • Do not interrupt the content experience

Users see media, especially social platforms, as an extension of their interests – not an interruption of them. For this reason, influencer-generated content is key. Overtime, these content creators have mastered an aesthetic and tone of voice that express their identity, and captures audience’s attention, thus allowing them to find the influencer relatable.



  • Connect medium to message

How and where you deliver your brand story, is as important as the story itself. Today, we have a wide variety of platforms available. Every platform possesses some conditions that work silently to influence the way in which we interact with each other on them. These particularities not only dictate the type of content created but how audiences react to it.



  • Offer helpful, inspiring and valuable content

The real value of sponsored content doesn’t come just from capturing audience attention. It lies in the possibility of creating a valuable and authentic connection with a potential consumer. Influencers do this by nature. They add value to their community, winning their trust and respect.


  • Let your customers tell your story

Marketers have always tried to find third-party credibility. Traditional celebrities used to be their go to. In this day and age, they have realized how powerful it is to partner with online influencers and brand advocates. Never forget, the most powerful brand stories are those that make customers their protagonists. It’s an instant win-to-win.


If personalized advertising is king… Guess who is queen?