“Create Mode” Hits Instagram Stories – Get Ready, Influencers!

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As if social media creators didn’t have enough ways to express their creativity, Instagram’s Create Mode camera update just went live!

Announced back during Facebook’s annual F8 conference, Create Mode is finally here, and it aggregates Instagram’s preexisting Stories features into one easy-to-access button in the main function bar. Create Mode also comes packed with some spiffy new features, such as an “On This Day” button that generates a random post from the same calendar day in a previous year.

Create Mode allows users to produce content without building off a pre-existing photo or video. Simply open the in-app camera, swipe to Create Mode, and begin building with a blank canvas. You can quickly assemble your content with Instagram’s many options, which also come pre-loaded with suggestions that help you get started. For example, the Countdown feature suggests the following, meant to spark interaction and public conversation:

Additionally, a few rumors are currently swirling that a bevvy of new features such as additional Boomerang modes are slated to hit Create Mode in the near feature.

We’ve already seen how quickly social media creators adapt to new creative tools and options. In fact, Open Influence just took home an award for our innovative use of Instagram’s interactive functionality (like Polls) to tell engaging influencer-driven narratives – and these tools are barely two years old!

It won’t be long before influencers figure out how to put Create Mode to best use. We can’t wait to see what will happen!

What do you think? Will you take Create Mode for a spin anytime soon? Give us your thoughts at social@openinfluence.com. And as always, remember to: