Combatting the social media black market with core technology

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AdWeek stated recently that Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing channels in advertising, with their research estimating that $1 billion was spent on Instagram influencers alone in 2017.

As Influencer Marketing continues to grow, so does the potential for fraud.

The web is full of articles talking about deceptive practices like: Instagram’s algorithm “pods”, bots, the black market for verification badges and others.

Of course, this is something we can’t ignore. Not only because we work on behalf of our clients, but also because we have a commitment to the Influencer Marketing ecosystem. One we believe will be healthier, if we have informed social media users.

Here’s a video about the importance of trust in influencer marketing.

Over time and as the influencer space evolves, we have developed tools and tactics that let us be up-to-date with the opportunities and challenges of the industry. With our core technology, it’s possible to analyze influencers before working with them. We evaluate follower growth, engagement rates, segment follower accounts and other metrics that help us identify any suspicious activities.

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