Introducing Our Industry Podcast: Decoding Influence

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Open Influence is coming to you in audio form! We are excited to announce the launch of our podcast Decoding Influence, hosted by our CEO Eric Dahan. Our goal is to meet our audience in a space that allows for deeper conversations and that is also highly convenient – we can’t wait to bring you our thought leadership on the latest trends as you work out, cook, or drive. 

Decoding Influence covers industry insights and tactics utilized by the entrepreneurs and marketers disrupting the digital world, and helping change it for the better. On our first episode, we discussed a topic that’s been on every marketer’s agenda: Apple’s privacy changes on iOS 14. We talked to Jack Paxton, Founder of Top Growth Marketing and Sofie Guariglia, Senior Manager of Paid Social at Open Influence.

In this episode, you will find:

  • A rundown of Apple’s privacy changes and why Facebook is fighting against them 
  • The basics of Facebook Advertising and what makes it so powerful
  • What the new Apple iOs 14 means for advertisers, weighing in pros and cons
  • The impact of Apple iOs on businesses, in particular, DTC brands that are dependent on ads to generate revenue
  • How the Apple iOs update directly affects the future of digital apps and data
  • Strategies for advertisers and businesses to depend less on Facebook traffic in the future 

Make sure to follow Decoding Influence on Spotify to be the first one to listen to our influencer marketing insights. Stay tuned for more episodes!