Press Release: Open Influence Expands Core Offerings with Launch of its OpenWorks Platform

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Open Influence, a data-driven global influencer marketing company, today announced the launch of its OpenWorks platform, which offers a suite of tools designed to accommodate the needs of smaller brands and those new to influencer marketing.

The new offering allows users to access Open Influence’s proprietary technology stack that leverages Amazon Rekognition and other artificial intelligence tools to analyze more than 70 million pieces of content from over 300,000 influencers. With more than 15 million unique search terms, Open Influence’s self-serve platform enables brands to identify new influencers, and build their own influencer community around their specific needs.

Expanding upon Open Influence’s client base of large brands including Bose, Coca-Cola, Disney, Nestle, Puma, Toyota, Verizon and more, the OpenWorks platform was created to meet the growing demand from brands with limited budget and influencer marketing experience.

“We’ve received so much interest from small and mid-sized advertisers that don’t have the resources or otherwise aren’t a fit for our full-service offering, and launching a self-serve platform seemed like the best way to make influencer marketing accessible to those companies.” said Eric Dahan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Open Influence.”We look at it as a community building tool that allows brands to build and manage their key influencer relationships directly.”

Open Influence is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Milan and London, and plans to open offices in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates in the coming months.

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