Influencer Q&A: Travis White @Trav_white_

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Travis White may be a Texas native, but that hasn’t stopped him from joining the ranks of menswear influencers in New York and Los Angeles. After finding an audience on Instagram, White launched, and has enjoyed working on the go ever since. We caught up with the online influencer to talk about blogging in Texas, where he sources his inspiration and the importance of black leather motorcycle jackets.

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself.

When Did You Decide To Delve Into The World Of Menswear Blogging And How Has Your Blog Evolved Since Then? This all began as a hobby for me. I got my start on Instagram, posting different outfits I styled. After a few weeks on the app, my photos started to get picked up by viral menswear accounts and that’s what initiated the following. I was humbled by the amount of people that began to follow and like my photos. From there it evolved into a website that I branded ( a “personal development through fashion” movement I am trying to create.

2. Where Do You Derive Outfit Inspiration From And Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Menswear Influencers To Follow?

I source a lot of inspiration through social media and print publications like GQ and Esquire. Some of my favorite menswear influencers are Blake Scott, a major influencer that I love, as well as Denny Balmaceda. For street-style, I love Magic Fox’s style.

3. While Most Of Your Peers Are Located In Major Metropolitan Areas Like New York And Los Angeles, You’ve Successfully Garnered A Following From Your Home Base In Texas. What Is It Like Being A Big Fish In A Small Pond And Do You Find That Geographical Location Irrelevant To Success In The Digital Space?

I think in order to be successful in the digital space, all you need is a WIFI connection and great sense of style. It’s crazy because a majority of my following grew from outside of my hometown, and as it continues to grow I notice lots of Houston locals are starting to reach out to me and care more about their personal style, which is awesome. I’m definitely not the first blogger here, my friend Josh (@theurbanesavant) has been doing it for a while here, but I think a lot of brands and stores here have been waiting for more bloggers to pop up. Every store I have reached out to has always been willing to collaborate, there was just never anyone asking.  My goal is that more bloggers will start popping up in Houston, which would be amazing for bringing that culture to our city. The more exposure Houston gets, the more it will start to bring in major magazines, brands, and menswear start-ups to Texas. It is a small culture here, but it would be amazing to gather a team of bloggers that shows Houston has style too.

4. What Are Your Favorite Places From Which To Blog?

I do most of my writing from home coffee shops around the area. I shoot the majority of my content in downtown Houston to give the blog a city vibe. I have an amazing team of photographers that support me. The long-term goal is to be able to travel and blog from all over the world, bringing my Houston roots and team to wherever I can go.

5. Lastly, What Three Specific Pieces Of Clothing Should Every Man Own?

A black or navy fitted blazer (notch or peak lapel), a black leather biker jacket, and a perfectly fitted white button down shirt. These are three major staple pieces that should be in every guy’s closet.