Influencer Q&A: Yvette Yo Lee @Msyoleecom

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We got the opportunity to catch up with Yvette Yo Lee in between her busy, busy schedule. Yvette’s home in Toronto, but she is truly the definition of a world traveler. Yvette chatted with us about her life at home, around the world, fashion tips, and what it’s like to have over 26K followers on Instagram. Check out this busy bee below!

1. We Want To Get To Know You A Little Better

What Is Your Day-To-Day Life Like? I am a Talent Management Professional by day, I love working with people but most importantly help Leaders discover their potential to further develop and progress in their career. My job has given me the opportunities to travel to some of the most remote parts of the world and meet some very interesting and influential visionaries of tomorrow. And in between, I make time to run my personal style blog and do photography. Without these creative outlets, I think I would be an empty soul!

2. You Seem To Be Constantly On-The-Go. What Is Your Favorite Part About Traveling And What Is Your Favorite Place You’ve Been To?

My favorite part about traveling is allowing myself to immerse in new cultures and almost test my own boundaries. Local people (no matter where you are in this world) are always welcoming with open arms, so long as you keep an open mind and be respectful of their ways. What we deem as normal may not always be in other parts of the World. Here is a feel-good post about traveling and living abroad  that people can check out. Favorite places? May I name a couple? I really enjoyed the Maldives because of the pure beauty. Every turn was one of those HD Wallpaper images of the beach you save on your background! I was literally trying to bask in every moment of it. It is definitely one place everyone should check out once in their lifetime. But I also really love Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite all the violence and corruption, you hear from the media, the people and their passion for life and love for their city are like no other. And when you go during Carnival season, samba is just about anywhere and everywhere you go. The word passion personifies this beautiful city.

3. We Absolutely Love Your Style! What/Who Inspires Your Fashion Style?

Thank You! I definitely try to live a minimalistic lifestyle and try to keep everything simple and to the basics. I tend to look to real people for inspirations (that’s why I follow Tommy Ton, Adam Katz Sindig and Julien Boudet who capture beautiful fashion moments), but my all-time girl crushes are Emanuelle Alt and Christine Centenera.

4. How Has Becoming A Social Media Influencer Impacted Your Life?

May I be brutally honest? The word influencer makes me cringe. And maybe it’s because of the day job that I do, where I tell my clients not to hide from their fancy title and to enjoy the job for what they believe in. I am not here to influence. Realistically, I cannot influence people to cut their hair a certain way or buy a certain brand – and nor would I want to. However, I want to inspire. I am the type of girl that over analyzes every aspect of the details, aesthetically and functionally. I do have to believe in the brand that I decide to collaborate with, and if I am doing all the legwork, then people can reap in the benefits of the time and effort that I have invested to my research and experience. Let me make the mistakes and inspire you through my sharing with no filters, and of course, add or remove any info at your discretion. We as bloggers can jot down any bullshit title that we think best captures our #ootd and #flatlay posts. But there has got to be a better word to describe this and sound less cheesy than that, even if what we do is in fact sometimes very cheesy, and even cheesier when we let it get to our heads. Blogging has definitely impacted a positive aspect of my life, where I am given the opportunity to inspire and express myself creatively without borders. There is nothing more rewarding than this.

5. What Are Your Top 5 Must-Have Fashion Staples This Fall?

My top 5 must-have fashion staples for fall are; the classic leather jacket, over-the-knee boots, a camel coat, that perfect cashmere sweater and distressed denim. Come to think of it, I think these have been my go-to staples almost every fall season just in different variations (brand, color, texture, etc.,) But quality over quantity is definitely key for me. Save that extra money to splurge on quality material and classic silhouettes and it will be timeless.