Influencer Q&A: Paulo Del Valle @Paulodelvalle

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1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. What Was Life Like Growing Up In Rio De Janeiro?

I’m a 26-year old photographer and Instagrammer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I started photography because of Instagram and a few years later it made me a professional and gave me amazing experiences. Today I work with many brands on Instagram and also traveling around the world promoting tourism destinations. Growing up in Rio was really good since it’s a beautiful city, with amazing landscapes, which has always inspired me to go out and enjoy it. Today I get to capture it with my camera and share it with hundreds of thousands of followers.

2. How Did You Develop Your Personal Style Of Photography And What Inspires You?

I’ve always been passionate about traveling and also enjoying nature. These are two things that drive me and inspire me to be a better photographer. I’m always looking for new places to visit and experience.


3. How Much Of Your Content Is In The Moment Vs Planned Out? Do You Shoot On iPhone Or Camera?

Most of my content is planned out, but I also love shooting something unexpected, and it happens quite often. Usually, I imagine a scene and then I make it happen a few days later, with the help of my friends. I take my photos with a Canon 6D.

4. What’s Your All-Time Favorite Image That You’ve Shot?

That’s really hard to answer. I’ve been to so many places that are really hard to choose one. I guess I could maybe say the most place I’ve ever been to? I’m not sure if I mad my favorite shot there, but I’m sure I made my favorite shots as a whole. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, in Abu Dhabi, was the most amazing place I’ve ever seen, which allowed me to take so many beautiful photos, like this one:

5. What’s The Best Compliment You’ve Received On Your Work?

I guess one of the biggest compliment I can get is knowing that I inspire a lot of aspiring photographers out there, from all around the world. It’s amazing to think that people see me as an example of success and want to follow my path and l get inspired by me every day. That makes me so happy!

6. What Is Your Advice To Aspiring Photographers?

If they want to follow the same path I did and become an influencer, they have to know beforehand that it could take a while and that it requires passion. They must have a passion for it because that’s what makes us do our best and always try new things, so we can evolve. Social media requires a lot of dedication, so that means hours on the platform replying comments, liking and supporting other fellow photographers because networking is really important as well. Make sure to post only the best you create and always have something to say because the storytellers are those that give meaning to those beautiful pictures and are able to talk to their audience.