Influencer Q&A: Jade Sheldon @Jade_melissa

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Anyone who takes just a glimpse of Jade’s Instagram page will be instantaneously enthralled by her crisp, artsy and ethereal style. Her photography makes you go “wow, that’s so beautiful,” but also gives you a sense of serenity and peacefulness that are much needed in our modern busy lives. Below, get to know Jade and see how she has managed to craft her unique voice as a social media influencer and digital creative.

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. How Has Your Home Base Portland Influenced You As An Artist And Instagrammer?

I am a freelance artist, photographer, social media influencer, blogger and occasionally a model. I am a Portland native and have lived around the Portland area my whole life. I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Illustration and additionally hold a Masters of Arts in Education from Pacific University. I appreciate a perfectly poured macchiato. I love to travel and explore new places. Makeup and fashion are one of my hobbies among reading and cooking.  Portland is so much smaller than big cities like London, LA and New York that you are really able to focus on your own work and not worry about comparing yourself to others. I think what I am doing is diverting from the norm of what everyone else in Portland is doing.

Don’t forget to look down… #portlandcafevibes

2. How Has Your Illustration Career Helped You As An Influencer And Vice Versa?

Many people consider themselves to be some form of a photographer these days, but among those people, not many can say that they have dedicated their lives to honing one particular skill. My illustration career has been a lifetime in the making — it differentiates me from other multitalented creatives and gives voice to the things that I cannot always capture in a photograph. Even at the age of three, I used to follow my parents around with paper and crayons in hand asking what I should draw.

3. How Did You Develop Your Personal Style Of Photography And Instagram Palette?

All of it was very intuitive. I learned the more you pick up your camera, your pens, your brushes, the more your artistic style will begin to shine through.

4. From #JadeReads To #JadeIllustrates, How Much Of Your Content Is In-The-Moment Versus Planned Out?

I don’t usually plan for my content to be a particular way. Most of it is at the moment, I see something I like or I’m on an adventure and I want to capture a part of it in a photo. For #JadeReads, it’s mostly at the moment. I am able to engage my followers who are lovers of the written word.  #JadeIllustrates is more planned because most of it is commissioned work, which tends to be a process. I plan on showing my finished illustration work through the tag when I’m finished or nearly finished with the piece.

Have you read Celeste Ng’s novel,’Everything I Never Told You?’ I saved it for this trip & even though it’s heartbreaking, I can’t put it down. Ng has a way of creating striking visuals with her words. I see the characters & the places they inhabit so clearly in my mind. What should I read next? #jadereads2015

5. Your Advice To Aspiring Social Media Influencers?

Devote time to doing it every day. Devote time to being creative every day. Don’t shy away from contacting those you admire or look up to and asking them for advice. People won’t know you or your work unless you are putting yourself out there. Don’t let fear of failure stop you. Don’t let that voice in your head say “well, no, maybe a year from now after I’ve honed my skills I’ll share my work.’ No. Share it now and be proud of what you are doing now.

6. What Has Been Your Favorite Part About Working With InstaBrand?

Everyone I have worked with at Instabrand is so enthusiastic and encouraging. They really have trust in me to deliver content that is true to my aesthetic and meets our mutual clients’ needs.