Influencer Q&A: Jack Juliar @Jackjunk

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Hello readers! This time we caught up with cool kid Jack Juliar of @jackjunk and got to know a bit more about his life. We love the easy-breezy style of his Instagram photos — even though he is humble enough in saying that he is “still trying hard to create” one unique aesthetic, we’ll agree to disagree! Read on to find out more.

1. How Did You Get Started With This Hannah Montana-esque “Double Life” Of Yours??

I Got Started With This Hannah Montana “Escapade” Around The Time I’d Gotten My First iPhone. I Think I Really Understood The Reward Of Sharing And What The Internet Has To Offer, But Before That, I Bet My Friend And I Could Get More Followers Than Her.?

2. Do You Think Being An Influencer/Photographer Helped You Be A Better Communicator?

I Definitely Think It’s Forced Me To Grow As One — I Am Currently Studying Communications And Studio Art In College So I’m Excited To See Where That Will Take Me.

3. How Do You Think Your Major Is Influencing You As An Influencer?

Overall I think it just helps amplify what I’ve taught myself through media and really helps me embody what it is (that I am) trying to do in my personal life in whatever situation I happen to find myself in.

4. How Do You Balance School, Your Accounts, And Your Social Life?

It Kind Of Becomes A Big Cluttered Mess But I Think Because I’ve Been Doing It For So Long I’ve Discovered Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Healthy Balance.

5. Care To Share Your Tips And Tricks?

Life is one big balancing act — so I have two Instagrams set up — one for public use and another private one for myself so I can upload an image and get the feel of what it’s going to be like before I post it on my public account.

6. You Spend A Lot Of Your Time At Home, NYC, And LA, What’s Your Favorite Part About Each City?

The People! I’ve Been Really Lucky When It Comes To Traveling Because I Always End Up Meeting Such Smart Creative People And The Beaches Never Hurt.

7. How Would You Describe Your Aesthetic? And, Where Do You Get Your Inspirations For Your Photos?

Honestly, I’ve never been very good at this question, at this point in my life I think I am still trying really hard to create it and become more intentional about what I do. But for now, I just like what I think looks good — hahaha. ?