Influencer Q&A: Emma Appleton @Openmysoul

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Emma Appleton’s Instagram handle @openmysoul says it all. Emma opens her heart and soul through each and every one of her posts. Emma describes her feed as an open book to what her life is like, and that’s what her followers love most. Her honesty about her life is shown in every picture and caption. Honesty can be hard to find, but Emma proves that it can still be there. We got to chat with Emma and she shared with us her life to us a little bit more. Check out Emma Appleton below!

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. What Has Your Life Been Like Growing Up In London?

I didn’t actually grow up in London; I was born in Newcastle, and then my family moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where I really grew up. Geneva was a beautiful and very privileged place to be a child- I learned to ski when I was 3 and became adept very quickly and went to a lovely English school. We moved back to England when I was 8, and we actually live just outside of London, but London is much easier to map than Surrey is for all my overseas followers! I am lucky to live very close to the capital, and try to make as many trips as I can, as I love the city so much! In regards to myself, I am quite an old soul and have often felt quite apart from my peers, save for a few special people. I currently am studying Law at the University of Oxford since this October, which is all kinds of crazy! I love autumn, fresh flowers, coffee, going for adventures by myself, James Bay, reading and sincerity in people.

2. Your Instagram Feed Is Extremely Personable In Expressing Your Everyday Life.

What Inspires Your Relatable Posts? I often get complimented for the honesty and openness of my account, which just seems like second nature to me! I’ve never been good at keeping secrets/things hidden, and I like to say it how it is, which is evident in my comments. The Instagram community that I have created around my account is truly amazing, and there are some really lovely and wonderful people out there, who give out such support and help if ever I share that I am feeling down. Without sharing bits of our lives, we are all just another stranger behind a username. Obviously, no one online really knows who I am, but I think being personal, honest and relatable helps people to start to get to know me. I suppose that desire to share is simply what inspires me!

3. How Do You Balance Your Life As A Social Media Influencer While Trying To Be A Typical Teenager?

If I’m honest, Instagram has never taken up too much of my time! I have always been very studious and devoted a lot of my time to my school/university work, and my family. Most of my friends don’t even know that I have this account, as I created it as a side project, which grew very quickly and was suddenly successful! I am very much a standard teenager- I spent a large part of the last couple weeks of University being hungover, I make mistakes, I can be immature and say the wrong things at the wrong time, and being an adult still terrifies me slightly! Obviously, now that I have started to collaborate with brands more, it takes up a bit more time, but in general, I do not go out of my way to take photos. I think that is what makes my account appealing and honest- I photograph what I do in my normal, everyday life. I try not to create a facade and just do things ‘for the gram’. So, in that respect, it really isn’t that difficult to balance my personal and online life! Although, I can be quite useless at replying to emails on time, which is something I am working on!

4. You Have Over 77,000 Followers At Just 18 Years Old. How Has Becoming A Social Media Influencer Impacted Your Life?

Again, Instagram hasn’t massively changed anything about my life. I suppose it has opened my eyes to the beauty of what is around me more, as I am always looking to snap what is around me and make it appealing. I have also ‘met’ some really lovely people on Instagram in all different corners of the world. However, saying that, if I did not have this account, I would not have created my blog, nor would I have had the wonderful opportunities to collaborate with some of the fabulous brands that I have been lucky enough to work with. It does still amaze me that I have this amazing platform and support base for so many people whom I have never met!

5. What Type Of Message Do You Want To Send To Your Followers?

Instagram is such an amazing platform to express myself, and influence others. I think my main message is to stay true to who you are, that it is okay to feel upset and sad, you are never alone, be a good person, look after your health and body, be aware of other people and their feelings, don’t try to grow up to fast, enjoy the simple things in life, and never miss an opportunity to spend a morning in bed!