Influencer Q&A: Alesia Carter @Lovecouturela

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Love Couture LA’s Alesia Carter is taking on the fashion world head-on. Alesia has started her own fashion line, fashion blog, a successful Instagram account, and has so much more to come in the future. Alesia opened up to us about what her busy life is like and what inspires all of her work. Check out the extremely talented Alesia Carter below!

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself.

What Is The Life Of ‘Alesia Carter’ Like? Well, it’s definitely busy! I’m usually always on the go. At the moment, I handle 99% of every aspect of my businesses until I hire a team.  A typical day for me consists of catching up on emails and social media in the morning, outreach, PR, processing orders, designing my next tee collection, constantly planning/prepping for what’s next, and then usually working on my blog in the evening. I have a jewelry line launching in November and my next collection for Love Couture LA in December, so I’m currently planning my next photo shoots for that whilst planning photo shoots for my blog.  All in all, I love what I do.


2. Where Did You Drive Your Inspiration From For Your Clothing Line “Love Couture LA?”

Love Couture Was Created In 2008. I Was Initially Inspired By Juicy Couture And VS Pink Back When They Were Really Popular.  It Was Literally All I Would Wear, But Then One Day I Just Realized That I Could Make My Own Clothes And Do It My Way. I’ve Always Been Creative And Into Design, So This Was A Natural Fit For Me.  When I Moved To California From My Hometown Minnesota In 2010, I Was Finally Able To Execute My Ideas And As A Homage To The City Where I Was Making My Dreams Come True, I Added LA To My Brand Name To Make It Love Couture LA. Now, My Inspiration Is Drawn From My Life In LA, The Everyday Girl, Fellow Dreamers, And Shopaholics!

3. Along With Your Clothing Line, Blogging Also Seems To Be Your Passion. What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A Fashion Blogger?

The Best Part About Being A Fashion Blogger Is Meeting Fellow Fashion Enthusiasts As Well As Creative Entrepreneurs.  I’ve Met Some Incredible People.  Being Surrounded By Like-Minded People Who Understand Your Passion, Creativity And Work Ethic Is Key.  These Are The Kind Of People That I’m Inspired By And They Make Me Want To Do And Be Better.

4. What Sparks “Your Look?”

It really depends on what I’m doing for the day but I love to be comfortable and for my look to be effortless. Most days out of the week I keep it simple so you’ll find me in a tee, jeans and sneakers.


5. In What Aspects Has Becoming A Social Media Influencer Affected Your Career As A Blogger And Fashion Designer?

Becoming an influencer has opened up so many more opportunities and collaborations. It has doubled my social following, which is crazy to even think about. Being able to mesh together my love for design and writing is an amazing feeling – I get to make a real difference. I’ve been fortunate to meet people I never thought I would meet and have been able to do things I once only dreamed of. Because I have such high expectations for myself, I feel that there’s still a long way for me to go; there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. For me, it’s not about the events and perks. It’s about being able to inspire others.