Open Influence talks A.I. at Amazon’s AWS re:Invent

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Last week thousands of professionals gathered in Las Vegas to attend AWS re:Invent, the mega event hosted by Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning took the center of the action. The deep-dive of this hot topic was done by key Amazon customers and partners.

Micky Dionisio (CTO), Justin McCammon (Dir. of Engineering) and David Pearson (Business Development of AI Services Open Influence) presented Open Influence’s cutting-edge AI influencer technology in a presentation called “Humans, Plants, and Chairs: Insights from Analyzing over 30 Million Instagram Posts with Amazon Rekognition.

At Open Influence, we’ve been analyzed over 30 million Instagram posts as a part of our quest to provide the world’s best influencer search engine. The resulting 120 million labels weave an interesting story of what’s being posted on Instagram. Amazon Rekognition has helped us deliver deeper insights in the data that our customers care about, and enhance our recommendation and search algorithms.

“We’re honored to have been invited to speak at Amazon re:Invent to talk about our AI contributions in the influencer marketing space. Just two years ago, we relied primarily on text to understand social media. Today, we ingest massive amounts of disparate data types such as text, images, and video, along with our own proprietary data sets we’ve gathered over time from running tens of thousands of campaigns. It’s this expertise and our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology that allows us to continue delivering successful campaigns to our client on both the managed service and SaaS side of the business,” said Micky Dionisio, Chief Technology Officer.