[AdAge] WATCH—Gen Z Roundtable on Super Bowl 2024

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The Super Bowl is often one of the biggest cultural moments of the year, with advertisers paying up to $7 million to air a spot. But do the Big Game tactics resonate with Gen Z?

With Gen Zers moving away from live TV, the Super Bowl offers a unique opportunity for brands to get in front with a hard-to-reach audience, segments of which may not normally watch sports. For other brands, leaning on social media in the run up to the game may be a more effective way to speak to the cohort born between 1997 and 2012.


On Jan. 24, Ad Age hosted a roundtable with members of Gen Z, where they shared their thoughts on the 2024 Super Bowl. Panelists offered a first-hand look at how they plan to watch the game, what kinds of ads they want to see and the role of social media before, during and after the game.

Watch the broadcast replay below, featuring Bree Doldron, associate PR consultant at Creativ Strategies; Serenity Griffin, community manager for Adolescent Content; and Zach Honer, creative strategist at Open Influence.


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