Twitch Stats and Facts [Infographic]

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Streaming platforms saw a big surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon’s Twitch is more popular than ever.

Here’s what you need to know about the world’s leading live-streaming platform. 

Twitch beats out all other live streaming platforms, accounting for 72.2% of all hours watched live on the internet.

But what are people streaming? Honestly, everything. Viewers can watch their favorite Twitch streamers play games, cook, paint… Or just talk! Popular streamers engage their audiences for hours because they are entertaining. All successful streamers have two things in common:  Skill and personality. 

The platform has more than 15 million daily active users who spend an average of 44 billion minutes per month watching streams. There’s incredible opportunities for advertisers on Twitch, particularly for brands looking to reach Millennial males. Brands can partner with Twitch creators to do un-boxings or giveaways, shout-out products, conduct reviews or product demos. Marketing possibilities on the platform are almost endless.

Number 1 rule on this platform: Entertain first, advertise second.