The Internet Turns 30 – Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web

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The year is 1989. The Berlin wall would see its last days dividing Germany. Prince was busy putting the finishing touches on the Batman film soundtrack. And a scientist named Tim Berners-Lee would propose an idea for a web of hypertext documents that would make sharing research fast and efficient.

Three decades later, there are over 2 billion sites on what would become known as the World Wide Web, arguably the most significant tool since the printing press. In just 30 years, the Internet has altered every facet of our lives, and given rise to a new, interconnected world.

It’s important to note that the Internet was created long after the first computers. In fact, by the time Lee submitted his fated document, the Macintosh home computer was already 5 years old. But in the late 80s, computers were largely seen as either a hobby, or a tool with limited business application.

The Internet, on the other hand, connected us. It was more than just a tool, it was a mode of communication that gave people access to something they never had before: each other. And you can feel the effects the WWW has left on us wherever you look. Be it love (33 percent of relationships start online), education (from Khan Academy to full-scale online universities), or entertainment (Netflix, anyone?) the Web has left its permanent fingerprints on our daily lives.

One place that has seen tremendous change is the world of business. Through the Internet – especially social media – entire industries have emerged and matured: Facebook, Uber, Pinterest, Etsy, AirBnb just to name a few. Our own business, influencer marketing, wouldn’t be possible without this technological remarkable achievement.


Join the Festivities

So how do we wish our favorite WWW a happy 30th? You can start by checking out CERNs recreation of the very first web browser (preferably while listening to Madonna for the that full 90’s effect). For a modern approach, be sure to Tweet and Instagram using #Web30 or #ForTheWeb, the official tags for this year’s celebration. You can even catch a talk featuring Berners-Lee himself via webcast.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure – you’ll spend a significant part of your day online (up to seven hours by some estimates). And that number isn’t expected to shrink anytime soon! Our lives will surely become more interwined with this revolutionary technology.

But the Internet is more than just a technology. It’s a space, for you, us, and everyone.

(If you are a marketer… You know where you have to be! Talk to us.)

Happy Birthday, Internet.