Snapchat Adds Spotify Integration

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Snapchat has struck a deal with music streaming giant Spotify which will allow users to share songs, playlists, and more from the Spotify app directly to their Stories. The vertical-based platform joins Instagram, which implemented Spotify integration back in 2018.

Music sharing has become hugely popular among Instagram users because it’s extremely easy to do: simply click the “Instagram Stories” button in the expanded Share menu. Influencers regularly share what they’re listening to because it adds a fun, personal layer to their Stories that brings viewers closer to their lives.

Facebook Stories, which has seen slower adoption than its sister company, also added Spotify integration last month, signalling an industry wide trend fueled by the rise of music-focused platform TikTok (formerly Music companies have become keenly interested in capitalizing on social media, especially when phenomenons like Old Town Road demonstrate their impressive financial potential. Lil Nas X catapulted to the top of the charts off of TikTok buzz, showing just how much digital platforms and content creators can influence an artist’s success.