[REPORT] Why Brands Should Be Paying Attention to The Rise of Social SEO

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What Is Social SEO? 

“Social SEO is a response to the shift in consumer behavior to rely on social platforms (primarily TikTok) as a search engine for news and current events, mental health services, tips and tricks, recipes, you name it,” Open Influence Senior Director, Client Success Diana Perlov said.

Social SEO refers to methods used to make content easier to discover by users of social platforms, as while those platforms offer search features, they are not search engines.

Those methods include alt text, captions for images, and closed captions for videos, and they are used to attract the attention of people who are actively searching for content on the platform, and not merely relying on the algorithms populating its feed.

And creators can tap these techniques to enhance their efforts on behalf of brands, bolstering those relationships by optimizing their campaigns and boosting return on investment.

In this report, you will gain insights into:

  • The Rise of Social SEO
  • Top Platforms
  • The Role of Creators
  • Best Practices

Download the report below to learn more!

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