[REPORT] Elevate your Brand with B2B Creator Marketing

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B2B buyers trust their peers, executives in the field, and creators with experience in the industry, and creator marketing helps build that trust.

B2B buyers are looking for content that is relevant to their field, solutions that address their challenges and pain points, and tailored experiences. Social platforms can help B2B marketers provide those on a personalized basis. Roughly 60% of U.S. B2B marketers believe social media is the most effective channel for doing so, and overall activity on those platforms by B2B professionals is on the rise, with nearly 40% engaging with content multiple times per day in 2022, while nearly one-half use social media to share their views. 

The B2B buying process now involves multiple stakeholders in the decision-making process, leading buyers—many of whom are younger and digital-first—to conduct their own research prior to engaging with marketers. Insider Intelligence projected that millennials and Generation Z will account for 61.6% of LinkedIn’s total U.S. users in 2023, with Gen Z in particular up 20% year-over-year. 

All of this opens the door for creator marketing, with 85% of B2B marketers believing that interest in working with creators will rise over the next year, while 70% already incorporate creator marketing into their strategy. 

In this report, you will gain insights into:

  • How B2B Brands Can Tap Into Creators
  • How to Build a Strong B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • The Top Platforms and Formats in B2B Creator Marketing
  • And more!

Download the report below to learn more!

[REPORT] B2B Creator Marketing

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