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New Video Features on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

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Video killed more than the radio star. It’s crushing all other forms of content.

According to a Cisco study, by next year, 82% of all online content will be in video form.

Whether that’s short-form videos like Stories or TikToks or long-form like on YouTube, video dominates. Even on Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet.

In an effort to implement new video features, platforms are having a bit of an identity crisis. Facebook influencer marketing is trying to make Instagram more like TikTok, which is trying to be more like YouTube.

Facebook Influencer Marketing Is Trying to Make Instagram More Like TikTok

The head of the Instagram influencer agency, Adam Mosseri, announced, “We are no longer a photo-sharing app.” The app is planning on implementing recommended videos in user feeds in the next coming months.

Facebook is also currently testing out putting Instagram Reels on display where Stories are currently featured. With all the new potential updates they are testing, Mosseri stressed that one thing they’ll be doing for sure is embracing video — full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile-first video.

What Is Facebook and How Can It Help Your Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Facebook has become part of our society, even if we aren’t using it. A lot of us use it on an everyday basis to update our friends on what’s going on with us or just for fun.

There are many things you can do on Facebook like making a status update, posting pictures of yourself doing crazy things, talking with people, playing games, chatting with friends, making pages for yourself or your company/brand etc.

Facebook has so many things you can do but I feel as if the site is just becoming a big distraction. People are spending hours on this website to scroll through other people’s profile picture, post and status for no reason at all.

I’m not saying that Facebook is a bad site, I just think that it’s too much. Perhaps people are just growing up and are becoming more mature about what they’re doing on the internet.

I’ve seen some of my friends who ended up deleting their Facebook accounts because they were wasting too much time on it. They realize now that it was pointless to be on the site for hours.

I understand now because I’ve been thinking about deleting my account but then again there are some benefits I do enjoy, like making new friends or playing games with random people.

And if you’re a global influencer agency, you rely on the stars that Facebook has created to help build your brand and make your company more relevant in the latest incarnation of the digital media age.

TikTok is trying to be more like YouTube

TikTok users are interacting with more longer-form videos now that anyone can create content up to 3 minutes long. That’s right, TikTok has tripled its video length from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

“My prediction is that the the platform will always service short form but is definitely moving into slightly longer form video where you can tell a fuller story and give more information like YouTube.”

– Open Influence Director of Account Management Maggie Reznikoff

In 2020, TikTok users spent 38.64 minutes per day on the platform, which was far more than other social networks. Could that number increase now that the clips are longer? Or will users get bored and log off?

How to Use Influencer Marketing Hub on TikTok to Drive Significant Engagement

TikTok is the popular video-sharing app where users could easily create, share and discover short-form videos.

Influencer marketing platform iFluence partnered with TikTok to offer influencer marketing opportunities to advertisers in 2018.

Influencer Marketing Hub on TikTok Explained

The rise of smart device usage, bolstered by the wide availability of social media apps has created a perfect storm that is leveraging influencer marketing. A new smartphone-based video app named TikTok was launched in 2016 and it has become extremely popular in China.

The mobile-only app is now available worldwide, which makes it a potent influencer marketing platform for global brands. TikTok allows users to create short-form videos, stack them together to create unique stories and play various musical instruments to create music videos.

The innovative video editing tools are endearing millions of people by allowing them to showcase their creativity in varied ways. The users can also explore trending videos, play games and interact with other TikTok users. The video-sharing platform has created a new way for influencers to connect with brands for better brand awareness and engagement via influencer marketing hub.

Stay tuned for more information about the newest platform features, and stay on-trend by following Open Influence, the leading influencer marketing agency, on social media.