[2-PAGER] Lemon8 is Ranked 2nd in Lifestyle Apps, Here is the Rundown

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Lemon8 is a new lifestyle app that was first launched by ByteDance in Japan in 2020. Between 2021 and 2022, the app was launched in six more countries and, in 2023, made its U.S. debut.

Since entering the app store, Lemon8 has jumped to rank 2nd in the Apple App Store under lifestyle apps, but what is making this app rise to popularity so quickly? Is it its unique post structure? Is it the looming threat of a TikTok ban?

In this 2-Pager:

  • Discover Lemon8’s background.
  • Learn about Lemon8’s goals and interface.
  • Identify what type of content thrives on the app.

Lemon8 2-Pager

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  • Last

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