InstaBrand’s Campaign With Lancôme And Beck’s Brewery Featured In Italy’s Top Publication DailyNet

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As Italy increasingly becomes our focal point for expansion in Europe, we are extremely proud that the country’s NO.1 marketing publication — DailyNet — recently featured two of our successful influencer marketing campaigns. The first is our project with Lancôme Italia to help launch their new mascara line “Volume-à-Porter.” The other one is a promotional program for Beck’s Brewery’s music and art event “Beck’s Unacademy Live.”

Influencer marketing as a marketing channel in Italy is still in its beginner phase. By working with top brands and educating Italian marketers about the power of social media influencers, we will continue to help the industry grow both at home and abroad. Below are the English translations of these two articles and some Instagram posts from the two campaigns.

Lancôme Italy Speaks To You Through The Eyes On Instagram And Facebook

The company is launching the new mascara Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter with the hashtag #DilloConiTuoiOcchi

Women can seem complicated sometimes and you just have to read their eyes to understand them. With this concept, Lancôme Italy launched the campaign for the new mascara Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter, asking a group of influencers to interpret the hashtag #DilloConiTuoiOcchi through 15-second Instagram and Facebook videos.
Lancôme has identified nine ambassadors to creatively promote this different and ironic character (aspect) of women. These social media influencers, including fashion blogger Irene Colzi, couple Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil, Beatrice Valli, couple Giovanni Masiero and Francesca Rocco, recreated funny situations where their looks (with the eye makeups) became the protagonists of the dialogues.
InstaBrand not only coordinated the selection of influencers and the shipping of products but also tracked the engagements generated by the posts. The campaign #DilloConiTuoiOcchi reached over 5 million users with 18 posts and achieved an engagement rate of as high as 2.5% for some of the participating influencers.

“Beck’s Unacademy Live,” A Success Thanks To InstaBrand

Some branded live events through collaborations with US companies achieved an audience reach of over 6.8 million in Italy and generated more than 170,000 social interactions such as like and comments

From June 19 to July 19, Beck’s brought live music events to the canals in Milan, by turning a floating raft into the stage for “Beck’s UNacademy Live.” This was the final phase of a project the company started in February for anyone who wanted to prove their creativity in music and arts. The finalist had the chance to perform on stage with top Italian artists such as Emis Killa, Saturnino, Subsonica, Coez, and Levante. But what made the event unique is the social media amplification brought by influencers who were posting live performances and backstage happenings on their Instagram accounts. This led to substantial engagement and follower increase for the program.

The content was posted on the influencers’ profiles (for example, Valentina and Federica Nargi Ferragni), but also on the official profile of the brand @becks_it. InstaBrand spearheaded the selection of and coordination with influencers, headquartered in Los Angeles, who also collaborated with Punk for Business, the agency that developed and organized all the events of Beck’s UNacademy Live. In total, there were more than 30 social media posts by the participating influencers, reaching an audience of over 6.8 million and generating over 170,000 interactions including like and comments.