Influencer Horoscopes for 2020! What content should YOU make?

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2020 is the start of a new decade and astrological era. It is a cosmic threshold to cross, a pause in reflection between the way things have been and the way they will be, necessitating a confrontation with difficult challenges for influencers and their followers alike.

If you’re a digital content creator, chances are you specialize in one or two social media platforms. For 2020, we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new – and what better way to suggest content ideas than by pairing them with your astrological sign? We know that different social platforms appeal to different human needs and illicit a range of emotional responses, so we hope you find this zodiac-inspired tour through digital content inspiring!

You are renowned for being fastidious, resourceful, independent, and disciplined, and you love to hear that even though you might not admit it. You’re also extremely loyal and intuitive, and seek out relationships that are advantageous to you. This new year will put these qualities of yours to the test. Flaunt your entrepreneurial prowess and show everyone around you how challenges can be easily conquered with your driven and ambitious nature. Join the droves of thought leaders flexing on LinkedIn with a LinkedIn video or detailed status update, complete with statistics and images, to cut through the noise!

Aquarians are known for being quirky, unpredictable, and steps ahead of the pack. Your intricate and complex minds make you natural innovators. You have a tendency to get preoccupied in your own world, or algorithm if you will, which quite frankly is a very interesting place from the outside looking in – quite similar to the emerging platform TikTok! Your charisma, charm and unique pioneering nature cannot be contained. You’re a total weirdo and we stan. Virality awaits!

Emotional, magical, gentle, kind, and intuitive – Pisceans are choc-full of positivity and mystical goodness. You are an immediate friend to strangers, and perhaps at times overly trusting. You’re a big dreamer, a hopeless romantic, and you love to play around with the possibilities of what your life might look like. Maybe there’s an interior inspo or vacation destination pinboard in your future. Manifest your best life! Remaining grounded while leaning into some healthy fantasizing about what this year could hold for you will help you to succeed in whatever you do in 2020.

You’re fierce, powerful, and fiery – perhaps too hot for some to handle – but you low-key love that, because you’re only interested in real ones who are in it for the long haul. Long-time bonds, close friends, and family relationships are deeply important to you. Those who don’t know you well might perceive you as volcanic, volatile, or even a bit troll-like, but it’s only because you hold yourself and everyone around you to very high standards due to your achievement-oriented outlook. You don’t shy away from a Facebook Live post to proudly broadcast updates on the going-ons of your life, feature your favorite brand collaborations and mailers, and put on blast the brands products that didn’t live up to your expectations. You’re brutally honest, and people love you or hate you for it, but your life-long quest for excellence will pay off in this coming year!

On the surface, you are tough, powerful, and perceived as someone who should not be messed with, but to those who know you, you’re a big softie. You’re reliable, practical, and incredibly strong-willed – bull-headed even. When it comes to social media, you lean into your nature as a creature of comfort. You’re a bit of a lurker and not interested in putting yourself on display to keep up with joneses on social – you’re here for the laughs, news, and trending topics. When you do post, it takes the form of clever musings or curated retweets broadcasted to your close network of friends. Enter the Twittersphere, this will be your year to find success.

Gemini, you’re a quick-witted tornado of energy with multiple personalities. You’re highly intelligent, impulsive, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Those who “get” you may not ever fully know you, not because you’re full of secrets, but because you’re a social chameleon who thrives on debate. You’re prone to changing your stance depending on the situation, playing devil’s advocate, sometimes just for fun because you like to get a rise out of people and see how they’ll react. Conducting contained social experiments is all a part of your ongoing quest to be understood, and to understand yourself. Platforms like Reddit might really suit you, specifically trying an AMA, which is a post trend we’ve also seen on other platforms. For you, 2020 symbolizes the start of building important projects and goals for yourself, so put yourself out there and let the internet ask you anything!

Cancerians are moody, broody, and sensitive to a fault. You are an eccentric contradiction and cling to close ties to friends and families but at the same time enjoy a great deal of independence. You are a dreamer, but a realist. You can be a nurturing caretaker, but when you feel betrayed you can be closed off, petty, and even cruel. At times you can be shy, but react with incredible tenacity when something is deeply important to you. Your appeal is your enigmatic nature, and you tend to have a cult following. You value a safe place to stash your secrets and opinions – some might even say a burn book or a Finsta. Microsites are the perfect place for cult followings on niche topics and fandoms. Your intuition will be heightened in 2020, let it guide you to curate a new hub and community of underground trends.

Courageous and bold, you have a sure-footed way of prowling through life. When you enter a room, you dazzle – you’re the life of the party. You are gregarious, passionate, and a lovable narcissist. You crave attention and love to bask in the spotlight. Your Instagram is a thumb-stopping collection of travel photos, outfits, and thirst pics. Your followers and friends love you for it and look forward to your next sponsored post.

To call you a perfectionist would not be a perfect enough description for you, Virgo. You can be nitpicky, critical, and very generous, especially with giving your honest opinion. Your warmth naturally puts people at ease, but at the same time, you can be beguilingly particular, and have a compulsive need to know that you’ve made the right decision. You firmly believe in putting your best foot forward in life, and regardless of how worldly or traveled you may be, you have an ability to enter situations with a sense of wonder, innocence, and naivete. With your particular nature compulsion to share your opinions publishing the perfect Instagram Story comes naturally to you. These qualities will come in handy this year and allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Scorpio, you have a reputation known for being private, passionate, secretive, and tbh … a little bit NSFW. But there’s way more to you than your mysterious front. You’re deeply intelligent, focused and intuitive, but in relationships this can manifest as being possessive, jealous, and clingy. Money, power, and success are your driving motivations. You have a magnetic charm to you, and draw in a wide array of friends and connections like a moth to a flame. Just like the ever-evolving Discovery tab, 2020 will be your year of self-discovery.

Diplomacy, kindness and a desire for social harmony sit at the foundation of the Libra personality. This may also come to life as being perceived as bubbly, outgoing, aesthetically focused, and superficial, and most notably your inclination towards indecision as the most agreeable person in the group. You are innovative and an idea person, but often defer to others to get your ideas off the ground and executed. True to the trends of IGTV, you are prone to updating your followers with long vlogs, asking their opinions on the happenings and unboxing-ings of your daily life. Tap to watch more, this year your personal life is due for an evolution!

Saggittarius, you are brave and overflowing with confidence, but also highly pragmatic and efficient. You laugh in the face of danger, love a good fight, and can easily find yourself getting swept up in pointless drama due to your aggro attitude. You choose your battles wisely, and when you engage, you play to win. Some find you painfully direct and tactless, but haters gonna hate! You beat to your own drum and are a sucker for adventure in any form that it comes in. Your followers look forward to your next vlog and update on the newest city you’ve added to your roster of travels.


*This article is a guest feature by our rockstar Account Manager and resident horoscope expert Colin Croughan. If you want to talk about your next influencer marketing campaign, or get a glimpse into your astral readings, be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here!