Influencer Campaign Spotlight – Jack Ryan: First-Person Adventure

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We’ve got big news!

Open Influence received a Best Influencer Campaign nomination for our work with Amazon Studios. We’re excited to announce that Jack Ryan: First-Person Adventure will be presented at the 2019 ThinkLA IDEA Awards.

What exactly about our campaign caught the judges’ attention? Though we’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to find out, we can take a few early guesses. Here are three takeaways from our action-packed campaign, featuring a mashup of top influencers:

Contextual Relevance Matters

In less than a decade, influencers have emerged, matured and proven themselves to be an highly-effective means of marketing products, no matter the vertical. But why? What makes influencers such a powerful medium?

As Oracle wrote on their blog – contextual relevance is “everything”, and the “heart of modern marketing success.” At Open Influence, we believe so much in the power of relevance, we even made it the theme of our first-ever industry event this past May, Open Summit: The Age of Relevance.

Our CEO, Eric Dahan, speaking about relevance during the Open Influence Summit

Thanks to the mobile revolution and the proliferation of social media apps, people have access to a near-limitless stream of highly relevant content. Audiences everywhere – particularly younger viewers – expect brands to communicate in a way that speaks to their personal interests and beliefs. Influencers fill this role by tapping into the personal relationship between audience and creator, adapting brand messages into their own authentic voices.

And it’s more than just theory. Our powerful data processing software, fueled by Artificial Intelligence, allows us to see this phenomenon play out in real time.

For our campaign with Amazon, Open Influence began by identifying key traits and points of interest for Jack Ryan fans. Using our proprietary technology, we then identified a list of top influencers whose engagement scores spiked when their content contained similar elements. The end result was a team of parkour enthusiasts, stunt drivers, and VFX specialists who could collaboratively bring Jack Ryan to life via a white-knuckle, first-person adventure video.

Our team of 5 contextually relevant influencers

Collaboration Counts

Another powerful advantage in the influencer space is the speed and ease with which creators can collaborate. With the right creative strategy, a brand’s message can travel far and wide. Influencers can link videos and images to one another, adding new dimensions to the overall storytelling experience.

For Jack Ryan: First Person Adventure, we were lucky enough to have all of our influencers on set, which made capturing BTS footage a breeze. After the video dropped on August 28,2018, everyone continued to promote it with a flurry of supplemental content, driving up clicks.

Creativity Cuts Through

One facet of this campaign that we’re especially proud of is how hard we got to flex our creative muscles. Open Influence was responsible for the conceptualization and production of the entire project. OI partnered with talented influencers who doubled as both actors and stunt people, as well as post-production pros.

Open Influence delivered an award-worthy product that balanced both Amazon’s needs as a brand and the creative vision of all the influencers involved. Take a look and see for yourself how viewers truly got a chance to be Jack Ryan.