CPG Influencer Marketing: The Game-Changer for the Consumer Goods Industry

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The hyper-competitive consumer packaged goods industry continues to thrive, with a total value of $2.06 trillion in 2021 seen rising to $2.808 trillion by 2030.

CPG brands are spending nearly $40 billion annually on advertising, and 64% planned to increase their retail media spending in 2023, with much of that budget earmarked for creator partnerships and social video content.

As a result, influencer marketing for CPG will have a major impact on the future of the industry.

In this trend report we’ll share:

  • Why creator marketing works for CPG brands.
  • Best practices for CPG creator campaigns, from pre-campaign strategy through content creation.
  • CPG industry trends from both the brand and consumer side.

[REPORT] CPG and Creator Marketing

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