Influencer marketing during COVID-19



No industry has been immune to the effects of COVID-19, forcing influencer marketing companies to address how they reach millennials in this uncertain and quickly-changing landscape.

After the first few weeks of the pandemic, industries emerged from reactive silence to swift action, showing incredible creativity and resilience. As we gain more clarity and assurance, consumers are looking to the future – focusing on recovery and bouncing back.

Influencer marketing firms  know how to navigate disruption, and Open Influence, a leading influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles, is here to help make sense of the trends. Despite the challenges, humans are moving forward and so should brands, by keeping connections strong and adding value to their audiences with unique and cutting-edge influencer marketing strategies. 

Looking at the data, we see that every influencer marketing agency is continuing to post organic content at a steady rate. Brands are tapping into these authentic and prevalent voices at an ever-increasing pace.

We invite you to bookmark this page often to see the constantly changing updates on data and trends we see in the influencer marketing community. We’d also love to hear your input and experience to help us all forge a path back to a semblance of normal in these new times.

Stay safe.

Post Activity

Sponsored Posts

Actively analyzing hundreds of thousands of sponsored posts across social media platforms.

Organic Posts

Actively analyzing a sample of organic, non-sponsored posts from influencers who are actively engaged in Open Influence campaigns.

Consumer State of Mind | Adapting to the #NewNormal

Sentiment Over Time

Actively analyzing millions of Twitter posts for week on week sentiment change around #Coronavirus.

Sentiment Split

Actively analyzing millions of Twitter posts for average sentiment breakdown over a 4 week period.

Trends & Resources

Tracking Reopening Conversations

As America and the world reopen, online discussions are evolving and getting louder and louder. On Twitter, conversations around #Reopening and #SixFeetApart have spiked since mid-April.

Actively analyzing millions of Twitter posts for the volume of activity using hashtags like #Reopening, and #SixFeetApart.

Tips for advertising in the new normal

  • Understand how your brand fits into people’s lives during this developing situation – doing so can yield insights that help you make adjustments to your marketing approach and provide real value to your customers.
  • Connect with consumers purposefully. Humanize and relate to your target audience. Brand messaging should instill a sense of bigger purpose. This will help your audience feel understood and connected to your brand.
  • Be mindful of your brand’s campaign messaging and tone of voice.


Preparing for life + business in the Recovery phase

Consumers are already looking to the future with a sense of optimism and anticipation. However, we can’t expect consumers to immediately return to their old habits in one swoop. Fear and anxiety will be hurdles that brands will need to address during the “awakening” that we will all go through. Focusing on value-driven content will be critical to connect meaningfully with audiences.


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The Way Forward | Marketing Through COVID-19 Recovery

We’re living in a vastly different world than just a month ago, but the goal of modern marketing remains the same: sending the right message through the right messengers to the right audience. Download this white paper to understand how marketers have pivoted in the wake of COVID-19, along with best practices for your future marketing endeavors.

Influencer Marketing During COVID-19, The Complete Guide

Download our comprehensive new guide, which takes a deep dive into consumer’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and how influencer marketing has emerged as an effective solution for brands and organizations to stay connected to their audiences during this time.

A COVID-19 Quick Guide for Influencer Marketing

Instead of going silent, the world’s best brands are finding creative ways to stay connected to their customers during the coronavirus pandemic. One method that’s proving to be effective is influencer marketing, as influencers can stay nimble and adapt their messaging to consumer’s changing needs and emotions.

#InMyScrubs - The Power of Human Connection

We recently embarked on a partnership with #InMyScrubs, an inspiring group of heroes making a difference on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free meals and spreading the word on social distancing.

InMyScrubs is a perfect demonstration of the power of human connection, and the great things we can accomplish when communities come together for the greater good. If you want to contribute, you can visit their GoFundMePage here.


I RUFF you healthcare workers especially our nurses since today is National Nurses Day! 🥰🐾 Joining the #InMyScrubs challenge to support our frontline healthcare workers. Head to to donate & lean more 🤗 All donations helps to feed healthcare workers sourced from local restaurants 😋@hashtag_inmyscrubs #NationalNursesDay #InMyScrubs


📷A HUGE THANK YOU to all the hard-working medical workers!!! 🙌❤️🏥Thank you for your endless dedication to making our world a safer place, for working tirelessly to combat Coronavirus and for taking care of all our loved ones. You’re making a huge difference, and we appreciate it so much! 🙏 We also wanted to share our participation in the @hashtag_inmyscrubs challenge!

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