How To Become An Influencer

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The word influencer is so new that it is still flagged by spellcheck as a typo.

What are these mythical creatures? We know that influencers are eagerly pursued by marketers and brands to endorse their products.

Influencers have two main features. One, they are perceived to be experts about a particular type of product or service.

Two, they have leverage within a certain community due to their personal engagement and rapport with them.

They are different than the celebrities of old because they have expertise in the product they are endorsing, and they regularly communicate with their fans and audience.

Because Influencers engage with a particular target audience, marketers seek to partner with them to engage that same community. This saves marketers and brands the trouble of trying to build that audience themselves.

While Influencers are often associated with fashion, or travel, Influencers have developed in nearly every interest niche.

I turned to more than seventy-five influencers from a wide array of disciplines to learn what it takes to “level up” to earn the mystical power of an “influencer”. 🙂

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