Influencer Q&A: François Dourlen @Francoisdourlen

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We have to admit, a lot of our best work is done cruising Instagram. We’re constantly scouring colorful and creative feeds to find the next generation of online influencers. Of the new crop of digital personas that have emerged in recent years, François Dourlen is a rare breed. We recently caught up with François during his trip to LA and found out where the photographer derives his inspiration, his favorite part about LA life and just how he creates those uniquely juxtaposed iPhone photos.

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. Where Do You Source Your Inspiration?

My Name is François Dourlen I’m 32 and live in Cherbourg (Normandy, France). I always have strange, new ideas – so I would say that my inspiration in everyday life, what I see, what I’ve seen before and what I will see in the future. Instagram has been a great medium for me to express what goes through my head…

2. When You Integrate Your iPhone Into A Photo—How Much Of It Is In The Moment Versus Planned? Please Tell Us About The Process Behind Your Signature Style Of Photography.

Nothing is planned. Ideas typically come to me when I’m walking throughout town. When I see something I like, I go to Google images and find the picture I need to superpose with the real background. The only time content is planned is when someone asks me for a photo, however, I follow the same process.

3. You Recently Visited Us On Your Trip To Los Angeles. What’s Your Favorite Part About “LA Life” And How Does It Compare To Your Life In Normandy?

During my visit to LA, some of my favorite areas were Santa Monica and Venice Beach, basically, anywhere I could see the ocean. I’ve always lived near the coast so when I travel somewhere, it’s important to me to be near the ocean. Life in LA is so different than in Normandy. I would say that in LA, feels a lot like summer while in Normandy it always feels like early spring.

4. Is It Important For You To Be A Part Of A Creative Community? How Does This Influence Your Own Work?

My creative community is my close friends. A lot of them are photographers, writers, draftsmen etc. To me, the key to being a “creative” is living in a stimulating environment. If I had to choose someone that has influenced my work it would be one of my best friends @diplopie. He gave me the will to start photography.

5. What Are Some Tips You’d Give Readers Who Want To Grow Their Own Following?

The only advice I can give to those who want to grow their following on Instagram is: take original photos and always have fun. When you enjoy what you do, people respond to it. All forms of art are made to entertain people… so, first, entertain yourself.