Partnering with Hyper-local Influencers During COVID-19

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Cutting Through the Global Pandemic Noise with Localized Content

In the past months, COVID-19 has dominated the social media conversation. Human experiences have been very limited as we have been forced to stay at home. 

Under these new circumstances, we’ve had to focus our attention on local content. With wildly different lockdown restrictions varying from country to country (or even between states!), we have been craving information from local sources. Now more than ever, we find ourselves relying on our local community for guidance, inspiration, and even to show support for local social causes.

Hyperlocal influencers during Covid

“Counting on each other:” Supporting Local Efforts

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented governmental actions at a global, federal, state, and local levels. With all the social media noise about restrictions and changing reopening timelines, the beauty of a global social conversation has taken a step back to let relevant local content shine. 

The role of influencers have been modified as we live this current crisis. Gone are the days of feeds full of traveling and trendy spots. Influencers, stuck in their cities like we are, are using their platforms to show support for struggling local businesses, to promote their local social distancing guidelines, to keep their communities informed or to share some support during these trying times. 

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This year, the back to school season sparks different emotions and experiences based on location.

Influencer marketing: from global to hyper-local

Influencer marketing is so special and successful because it is driven by shared interests and values. In our new normal, this isn’t enough. While a clear match in branding and messaging is as important as ever, location is especially important right now as places reopen at a different pace. This is when hyper-local influencers come in.

“Because every city is having its own response (especially in case of the US), it is more important than ever to get news that is relevant to your city. From an influencer standpoint this creates an opportunity for them to create hyper-local content. Before the pandemic, interests and experiences were shared widely across cities. Now, there is a need for people to discover new experiences that are closely tied to their city and their respective re-opening response.“ – Eric Dahan, CEO

Based on their local restrictions, influencers celebrated the 4th of July very differently. 

Why you should consider hyper-local influencers for your social media strategy

Hyper-local influencers usually have a small but mighty following. They are leaders in their community and create content that is useful to followers in their area. They are defined as local experts that take global trends and apply them to their community. You can rely on them to know the ins and outs about the re-opening timeline in their area. 

Brands have long trusted influencers with their messaging and tone, and now it’s the time to trust them with the type of content that is safe for their audience. As cities and countries carry on their re-opening plans, hyper-local influencers are your to-go partners when crafting content that weaves your product or brand into their audience’s new normal. 

A tale of two summers: two influencers from different locations showcase how they adjusted their ad to the re-opening regulations in their cities. 

The influencer marketing process during the re-opening

Identification: While sanctions are still in place, you won’t be able to ignore the influencer’s location. Taking the time to research their location’s re-opening plans and timeline will give you an understanding of what their content will look like. Before reaching out to them, go through their content with a fine comb. From their posts, gather what they are or aren’t comfortable with, what is safe for them to do, and what activities they have done during the re-opening. 

Outreach: We have said it a lot of times (and we still stand by it!): humans love humans. Don’t forget that behind a curated social profile, an influencer is a living and breathing person that wants to form a relationship with your brand that brings mutual value. Always reach out to influencers with a personal pitch that reflects the research you’ve made in the previous stage. In a people-driven industry, a targeted and unique pitch not only humanizes your brand but it is highly effective. 

“We are ensuring that the creative itself can be executed in a restricted and quarantined environment, that the influencer is comfortable with our ask, and communicating that there is no pressure for talent to accept our deals.” – Diana Perlov 

Content brief creation: A clear understanding of the influencer, combined with your messaging, will result in a relevant campaign that is sensitive to the world that we currently live in. On the creative side, your messaging has to be flexible. It is important for the copy to address any safety concerns regarding the pandemic – for both their local and global audience. It is always best to trust the influencer with their own voice and local spin to your copy. 

As a global influencer agency, we can’t ignore the various re-opening timelines around the world. Need help crafting the best influencer campaigns that fit your audience’s new normal seamlessly? Contact us!