[REPORT] Post-TV Future- How Marketers are Preparing for a Historic Audience Shift

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The media landscape is constantly evolving. Technological advancements and changing preferences heavily shift the way people interact with each other, with the world around them, and with brands. Changes are seen in so many instances in our lives: The way we communicate has changed, our wants and needs for authenticity have changed, the way we search for information has changed, and even things as simple as the way people watch TV has changed.  

In an in-home eye-tracking study, Facebook found that 95% of participants had their phone with them while watching TV, and they were only watching the TV for approximately 53% of the time. The top reason for them looking away was to look at their phone. It’s no secret that phone and social media screen time has risen each year and—spoiler alert—it shows no signs of backtracking.

Broken down by social media use by generation, Gen Z and millennials spend over two-and-a-half hours each day on social media, and older generations follow closely behind, with Gen X and Boomers spending just under two hours. 

Insider Intelligence reports that by 2025 a historic audience shift will take place, and there will be more social media users than TV viewers. What can marketers do to adapt to the big shift? Download our report to discover:

  • Where consumer attention is shifting.
  • What consumers want from ads.
  • How to entertain, educate, and inspire with your ads.
  • How creator marketing compares to TV advertising. 

[REPORT] Preparing for a Post-TV Future

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